German-based Bosch is now in the midst of a complete exit from its solar PV play, having announced it will close its thin-film PV development site, Bosch Solar CISTech GmbH, due to its inability to find a suitable investor.

bosch logo2As reported by pv-magazine, an exact date for the closure has not been given. Some 180 employees will be affected by the closure, though.

Bosch Solar Energy AG was a German solar wafer and solar cell manufacturer based in Erfurt, which specialized in crystalline silicon-based photovoltaic products, as well as thin-film modules using amorphous silicon and CIGS absorber materials.

With the announcement of the closure, the company has now departed from both the crystalline and thin-film solar PV sectors.

Although Bosch exited the crystalline silicon solar PV industry in March 2013, the group held onto its thin-film subsidiary. The original plan was to bring the thin-film technology to market maturity and then begin manufacturing operations, explained the spokesperson. However, the group failed to find a partner or investor with a suitable concept to implement the plans.

Understanding Thin-Film Solar Panel Technology

Prior to its closure announcement, some saw potential that Bosch would be able to hold onto its PV development site for the long term, but in July, IG Metall confirmed to German media site rbb that alternative employment opportunities or a transfer company would be examined for the affected employees.