Conergy UK, one of the largest solar project developers in the UK, has just split its operations into separate divisions.

The company will now host a new division dedicated solely to the solar residential + rooftop sector — with its other division continuing to focus on the development of large solar projects or farms. The intention behind the recent move is to put itself in an ideal position with regard to the UK’s growing/maturing solar energy market.

Conergy UK

In order to aid in the company’s transition and new strategy, it has hired the former head of energy for the infrastructure multinational Balfour Beatty, Paul Weaver, as the director of its new rooftop division. The former head of energy reportedly has a fair amount of experience working with renewables in both the private and public sectors.

Part of the reason for this refocus (partial refocus, that is) is obviously owing to the upcoming changes to subsidy policies in the UK — after which, large-scale solar projects will likely take a huge hit.

To date, Conergy has installed roughly 700 megawatts (MW) of solar energy rooftop capacity. More should be rising fairly rapidly, as the company just recently signed an agreement to offer solar energy leasing options (via the utility company Trianel) to roughly 6 million households in the countries of Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Germany.

The new director of the rooftop division, the aforementioned Paul Waever, commented on the new division thusly: “There’s a rooftop solar solution for everyone in the UK, whether you’re a tenant or property, live in the north or south, or are in the public or private sector. Conergy offers the full range of professional and technical service, including finance, roof leasing, PPA, hire purchase, commissioned EPC, and industry-leading O&M. Make no mistake: rooftop solar is going to happen in a big way in Britain.”

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Image Credit: Conergy UK