Global energy technology company Enphase Energy has released the latest-generation Enphase Energy Management System, the Envoy-S.

Enphase-1Announced on Tuesday, Enphase Energy revealed its next-generation Envoy-S gateway product, which it says “serves as the control of the Enphase Energy Management System, an integrated, scalable platform for solar generation, control, energy management, and storage.” According to the Envoy product page, the “Enphase Envoy connects each microinverter to Enlighten monitoring software, providing energy usage insights, remote update capabilities, and load management.”

“As a key part of our intelligent home energy solution, Envoy-S provides consumption insights that allow consumers to manage their energy use more efficiently,” said Stefan Zschiegner, vice president of product management for Enphase Energy. ”In fact, the Enphase Energy Management System is enabling new partnerships that result in an advanced ecosystem for the clean energy economy.“

Enphase-3Enphase Energy is a leading designer and manufacturer of solar microinverters, with a strong presence in North America, Europe, and Australia. Subsequently, its Envoy products are intended to serve as the “brain” for Enphase Energy solar installations, allowing homeowners to better make use of their solar installations — helped out by the newly redesigned Installer Toolkit mobile app.

“The number of distributed solar installations continues to grow exponentially in the wake of falling costs,” added MJ Shiao, director of solar research at GTM Research. “By building an infrastructure that provides sophisticated interaction with these grid edge assets, the solar industry can deliver significant additional value to energy consumers and utilities alike.”

Enphase Energy’s Director of Product Management, Ilén Zazueta-Hall, explains a little bit more about the Envoy-S: