Logo_Yingli_SolarYingli Green Energy (aka Yingli Solar) has signed an agreement with Iberdrola to add a fresh new product for the Spanish solar market. “Smart Solar Iberdrola,” the turnkey solar PV solution, offers a combination of solar panels (through Yingli) for energy generation and batteries for backup, allowing consumers in Spain to consume all of the electricity they generate.

A press release from Madrid, Spain, reports that Yingli’s extensive portfolio of solar panels is included in the new partnership offering, and Yingli is offering technical assistance and training for Iberdrola’s technicians and installers.

“We are very pleased to have the cooperation of Yingli Solar as we aim to provide a comprehensive solution that meets all the needs of a client who wants to become self-consumer electricity using PV. To do this, have one of the largest manufacturers of solar panels in the world is important,” said Raquel Blanco Director of Efficiency and Energy Services of Iberdrola.

“We are pleased to join IBERDROLA’S SMART SOLAR strategy, which is fully aligned with our downstream focus,” said Fernando Calisalvo Managing Director of Yingli Green Energy Spain. “We are committed to the promotion and development of clean energy affordable to everyone, through our expertise and high-quality products and services.”

The Yingli expansion and partnership in Madrid follows on the heels of another expansion in Thailand. Yingli Solar’s subsidiary Hainan Yingli New Energy Resource announced a joint venture with Demeter Power to set up a solar panel manufacturing facility in Thailand.