Invenergy has signed a power purchase agreement with Georgia Power for electricity generated by the 160 MWac Camilla Solar project which is currently being developed. The project is scheduled to begin operation at the end of 2019, and it will be one of the largest solar power plants in Georgia. (The location is Mitchell County.) Through the PPA, Georgia Power will buy electricity from the solar plant until 2050.

“Invenergy is pleased to work with Georgia Power to help them deliver clean, reliable solar energy to their customers. As North America’s largest privately-held renewable power provider, Invenergy is proud to help leading utilities like Georgia Power take advantage of the economic value, energy diversity and sustainability benefits that solar energy provides,” explained Invenergy EVP and Chief Commercial Officer Jim Shield.

Donya Mansoubi, the spokesperson for Invenergy, answered some questions for Cleantechnica.

1. The project will generate more than $12 million in local economic development in its first 10 years of operation through tax payments, lease payments to participating landowners, and wages and benefits for employees. Do you have a breakdown for these lease payments? Are they going to landowners? If so, how many, and about how much will they receive?

The payments are a combination of the tax payments to Mitchell County, lease payments to landowners, and wages to the employees at the facility.

2. Will the 400 or so construction workers be locally sourced?

Invenergy contracts out the construction. Our contractors typically source as much local labor for the projects as they can find.

3. How many employees will remain after the construction is completed, and what will these jobs be?

3-4 operational jobs are likely to be sourced locally.

4. Why was Mitchell County chosen as the site?

The County established clear rules and regulations regarding the permitting and taxation of solar development, creating a stable environment for development. Additionally, the area has both transmission lines running through it along with some of the best solar resource in the state of Georgia.

5. When completed will it be the largest PV solar power plant in Georgia?

It will be the second largest in the state.

6. Are you looking at other similar solar projects to construct in this state?

We are looking to continue investing in solar development across Georgia and the southeast more broadly.

That solar power is growing in Georgia is excellent news; the state has abundant sunshine to convert to electricity.

Image Credit: Invenergy