Clean Energy Collective has signed an agreement with First Solar to use its solar power technology for a number of CEC community solar projects. Colorado-based CEC specializes in community-based solar. Arizona-based First Solar provides community solar solutions — among others such as utility-scale — and has 10 GW of solar technology installed around the world.

“Roofless solar allows the greatest number of consumers to participate in and enjoy the benefits of locally produced clean power. We are proud to partner with First Solar in using their industry-leading technology, which allows us to provide the most competitive pricing and greatest value to utilities and their customers,” explained CEC founder and CEO Paul Spencer.

Four community solar projects in Texas and Colorado could raise solar power’s profile substantially. These projects are all tied with local electricity providers like utilities, so nearly one million residential customers will have the option to participate in them.

By definition, community solar functions to support communities, so more people are generally aware of this kind of project when it is installed near them. If they are part of the project, they also can have some affiliation with it, sometimes by owning shares.

This awareness aspect is different than when a utility builds a solar power plant, which is usually located in an area where there are fewer people, and there isn’t as much visibility.

A fixed tilt solar array in Pueblo, CO will use First Solar modules and equipment. In San Antonio, a single-axis tracking system will be used for a community solar project developed by CEC. Pueblo has a population of more than 100,000 so surely solar power’s profile will be increased in this small city. Obviously, with a population of 1.4 million, San Antonio will probably provide much more potential visibility.

Another single-axis solar tracking system will be installed in Corpus Christi, Texas, and this medium-sized city has a population of 316,000. A Rifle, Colorado, community solar project will use special anti-reflective coating (ARC) created by First Solar. Rifle is much smaller than the other projects’ locations, with somewhat over 9,000 residents.