PR Newswire shares that Yes! Solar Solutions and Dividend Solar America have teamed up to offer North Carolina homeowners solar financing with zero-down loans on home solar installations. The EmpowerLoan program uses the solar installation itself as security for the loan, which means there is no lien recorded against the real estate.

“We are excited to introduce a $0-down loan financing product to the North Carolina market,” says Stew Miller, President of Yes! Solar Solutions. “The EmpowerLoan is the first product on the market that allows qualified homeowners to Go Solar with no money down and save money on their utility bills – most often from day 1.”

Dividend Solar America is unique among lenders. It brings together people looking to add a home solar system with investors looking for a high-grade, secure investment. At a time when most banks are offering less than 1% interest on savings, many people are looking for a way to invest without taking a risk on the stock market. Dividend Solar’s motto is: Great homeowner and investor returns are not mutually exclusive.

The full-service solar loan includes energy production guarantees, warranty management, hassle-free maintenance and performance monitoring at no additional cost – all with the significant financial upside of solar ownership. The companies provide maintenance and production guarantees on all systems and performance monitoring that tracks daily energy savings. The application process requires no paperwork and is designed to be quick and simple.

North Carolina has experienced strong growth in the home solar market recently and currently has the fourth highest installed solar capacity behind only California, Arizona, and New Jersey. With low-cost financing now available through the EmpowerLoan, Yes! Solar Solutions is accelerating the adoption of residential solar across North Carolina and offering customers a new, better way to go solar.

Yes! Solar Solutions also specializes in solar hot water systems to help homeowners save even more money on their heating bills. If you live outside North Carolina, contact Dividend Solar directly to see what programs they have available in your state.