NRG Home Solar Expanding To North Carolina

NRG Home Solar, one of the largest residential solar companies, is expanding its operations to include North Carolina. It presently operates in California, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Pennyslvania. In many cases, it offers solar packages with free installation and no money down.

NRG Home Solar North Carolina“North Carolina is an ideal market for solar and specifically for residential solar where we see significant untapped market potential throughout the state,” says Kelcy Pegler Jr., President of NRG Home Solar. “Homeowners are already making the decision to go solar with us in North Carolina – a state that offers abundant sunshine and encourages residents to adopt the benefits of home solar.”

NRG Home Solar expects to hire a significant number of staff and support workers during its first year of operations. Programs like the partnership between SunEdison and GRID Alternatives are providing training opportunities for people seeking jobs in the solar installation industry.

Sungevity just recently led the way into North Carolina — when it comes to large, nationwide home solar companies. Interesting to see NRG Home Solar follow so quickly. Something is a brewing down in North Carolina!

Not every home is a candidate for a solar installation and not everyone will qualify for NRG Home Solar’s no money down program. Contact an NRG Home Solar representative for more information.

Photo Credit: NRG Home Solar

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