A new 25MW solar power plant is being planned in the Orenburg region of Russia by Avelar Solar Technology.

 The company, which is a subsidiary of the Swiss Avelar Energy Group, has already begun the process by making an investment agreement with the Ministry of Economic Development, Industrial Policy and Trade in the Orenburg region.

The company has said that, if the project ends up as a success, then it will likely build more solar power plants, for a total capacity up to 100 MW.

“Total volume of investments in the construction of the plant is estimated at €70 million (US$91.6 million). The project is expected to be implemented by the Swiss company in cooperation with local Ventus company, one of Russia’s leading developers of projects in the field of renewable energy.”

Dmitry Starostin, the deputy Minister of Economic Development, Industrial Policy and Trade of the Orenburg region, has said that, if this project is successfully implemented, then it will lead to further projects in the area. 

The new power plant is most likely going to feature thin-film photovoltaic modules produced by the Russian company Hevel. Hevel is a joint venture between the Russian financial conglomerates Renova and Rusnano.

“Russian analysts believe that the project has big chances to succeed also due to good geographical location of Orenburg on the south of the Urals region, where the annual irradiation is one of the highest in Russia.”