SolarCityTrilogy/Shea Homes have teamed up to offer “No Electric Bill Homes” — SheaXero homes — for eco-conscious and energy-conscious consumers in 5 states. The partnership is celebrating the 1000th SheaXero home this Earth Day.

A press release on the news notes: “in just over a year, SheaXero has reached 1,000 sales in Trilogy communities in Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada and Washington. SheaXero homes produce as much energy as they use through a custom solar power system and 14 energy-efficient features, based on annual consumption for an average family. SheaXero homes are standard in all Trilogy communities across the nation at no additional charge (in Washington, SheaXero is an available feature). In addition to the environmental impact, Shea estimates that the 1,000 SheaXero homeowners are expected to collectively save more than $18,000,000 on their electricity bills over the next two decades.”

Quite an important step towards a greener future. I’m a big fan of partnerships like this, and EV–solar partnerships like that between SolarCity and Honda.

Of course, Trilogy/Shea Homes and SolarCity are encouraging their happy buyers to celebrate Earth Day with house parties on Monday, encouraging others to take such a green step. However, it seems they aren’t just encouraging this but are hosting the parties.

And the partnership is also encouraging more homeowners in its regions to make the switch to solar. “Owners in Shea Active Lifestyle communities in California and Arizona who don’t have a SheaXero home can get a solar system this Earth Day and contribute towards a noble cause. SolarCity and Shea/Trilogy are introducing a Retrofit Program to existing homeowners in these states who are interested in making a switch to solar for their homes and saving on their electricity bills. In honor of Earth Day, SolarCity and Shea Homes will donate $400 on behalf of every new Retrofit customer to The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation, an international nonprofit charity that is dedicated to planting fruitful trees to alleviate world hunger and improve the environment. SolarCity will also offer a $250 discount on a new solar system to Retrofit customers.”