In the space of one week, SkyPower, one of the world’s leading solar PV developers, has acquired orders worth 2,850 MW.

SkyPower-LogoBetween October 1 and October 6, SkyPower, the self-proclaimed “largest and one of the most successful developers and owners of utility-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) energy projects in the world,” announced that it had been awarded four separate contracts in four countries on three continents totaling an impressive 2,850 MW.

2 GW in Bangladesh

Announced during the 70th United Nations General Assembly in New York, SkyPower unveiled its historic agreement with Bangladeshi Prime Minister Hasina to build a whopping 2 GW of utility-scale solar energy over the next five years.

The agreement, which is worth an investment of $4.3 billion, also sees SkyPower gifting 1.5 million SkyPower Home solar kits to Bangladeshi residents over the next five years. In addition, then, to utility-scale solar projects which will be able to provide energy to the masses, SkyPower is also making energy available to those in rural areas who may otherwise be forced to rely on older, and more expensive, fossil-fuel based energy sources.

“SkyPower is proud to help Bangladesh achieve its sustainable development goals,” said SkyPower President and Chief Executive Officer Kerry Adler. “The investment in Bangladesh will help increase grid connectivity, ease energy poverty and create new green energy jobs.”

“The new development agenda makes it clear that all our actions need to be underpinned by our strong commitment to protect and preserve our planet, our biodiversity and our climate. We have only a small window of opportunity and we must succeed to set the world on a safer, greener, and more prosperous path,” said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at the 70th UN General Assembly.

“SkyPower’s $4.3 billion USD investment will create more than 42,000 total job years in Bangladesh and will include 500 MW of fabrication and assembly facilities,” said SkyPower Chief Commercial Officer, Charles Cohen.

200 MW in Djibouti

Also announced on October 1, SkyPower revealed that it has signed “a landmark agreement” with the North African Republic of Djibouti for the development of 200 MW of solar projects, set to be built out in four phases over the next four years.

SkyPower will make an investment of $440 million, including corporate social responsibility investments of $11 million toward education, training, research, and development in Djibouti.

“Africa has become a global hub for the growth of clean, renewable energy, and many visionary leaders of African countries are making the decision to harness the power of the sun to create a brighter future for the citizens of their countries,” said Kerry Adler. “Through this agreement, SkyPower will work hand in hand with the Republic of Djibouti to support the development of the country’s renewable energy industry and achieve the goal of developing a stronger economy and opportunities for the citizens of Djibouti.”

150 MW in India

The third announcement made on October 1 was news of a 150 MW utility-scale solar agreement with the Government of Madhya Pradesh, India.

“SkyPower is committed to making a powerful contribution to India’s goal of generating 100 gigawatts of solar power by 2022,” said Kerry Adler. “India is leading the world in deploying solar, not only with its significant targets but by its very actions, and the people of Madhya Pradesh will benefit from clean, reliable and affordable energy as a result of the vision and leadership of this great state.”

“Renewable energy is a big focus for the State of Madhya Pradesh and signing this power purchase agreement with SkyPower highlights our commitment,” said Mr. Sanjay Kumar Shukla, IAS, Managing Director, M.P. Power Management Company Limited (MPPMCL). “SkyPower is a globally renowned company and we are sure that our partnership will pave the way for a wave of solar energy projects to support India’s renewable energy mission.”

500 MW in Panama

Finally, in a press release published on the 6th of October, SkyPower revealed that it had signed a second agreement during the 70th United Nations General Assembly in New York, this time with Panama’s President Juan Carlos Varela, to build 500 MW of utility-scale solar energy over the next five years.

The agreement represents an investment of $1 billion, and in addition to the agreed-upon 500 MW, SkyPower will also construct a $50 million world-class solar and environmental research center in Panama, which will be dedicated to the advancement of solar PV in the country, as well as advanced research and innovation in environmental sciences.

On top of that, and to really put the icing on the top of this week-long parade of announcements, SkyPower will also fund 250 scholarships for Panamanian students who are studying in the field of solar technology and environmental sustainability. The scholarships will be doled out 10 per year, over the next 25 years.

“SkyPower invests in countries that uphold environmental sustainability and preservation while advancing their economies and industries,” said Kerry Adler. “The future of Panama looks bright, as the leadership of Panama is clearly focused on the need for clean renewable energy and has embraced solar as a cost-effective means of addressing Panama’s energy needs today, and as a critical part of its generation mix for its bright future.”