Following their landmark agreement with the nation of Kenya, SkyPower has announced it will be donating two million home solar kits.

North America’s SkyPower announced last week that it would sign a deal with Kenya for the development of 1 gigawatt (GW) worth of solar throughout the country, worth $2.2 billion. The plan is set to create more than 25,000 total job years in Kenya, and will include 200 MW worth of fabrication and assembly facilities.

Come Tuesday, and SkyPower followed up the announcement with the promise to gift two million SkyPower Home solar kits to the people of Kenya.

With guidance from the Government of Kenya, SkyPower will distribute two million solar kits to homes and working families throughout the country that do not currently have access to electricity. The kits include a solar panel and an inverter, and come with LED bulbs, a fan, USB charging, and a solar-powered radio.

“This monumental grant marks the largest single commitment in history, which provides an unprecedented solar solution to give power to the people of Kenya and communities without access to basic power,” said Kerry Adler, President and Chief Executive Officer of SkyPower. “We are proud to help empower Kenya to harness the abundant power of the sun to improve the lives and economic prospects of its people, ultimately positioning Kenya to become a renewable energy hub for Africa.”

“This collaboration between SkyPower and the Government of Kenya makes me proud to be a Kenyan,” said Anwar Hussein, Managing Director for SkyPower Kenya. “The donation of 2 million SkyPower Home solar kits will make a positive impact on Kenyan families, and help Kenya’s economic momentum.”