The Solar1 Monte Cup World Championship has been announced for the second week of July in 2015.  A similar race was held this past summer by the Yacht Club de Monaco in Monte Carlo.

The 2015 version will be held at Port Hercules and Larvotto bay. Port Hercules is a deep-water port in Monaco and Larvotto is nearby. Larvotto has a public beach and is very much visited by tourists so it is probably a good choice for a solar boat race. A fireworks competition is held here too, if that is any indication of how well the venue accommodates large crowds.

“We are delighted to be invited back to host the 2nd edition of the Solar1 Monte Carlo Cup, in partnership with the Yacht Club de Monaco.The support and feedback we received from our first event was incredible, and especially from top industry leaders and enthusiasts; this really validates all the hard work that went into the event. Solar1 are fearless and we strive for greatness, we insist on pushing boundaries and educating through global events,” explained Sergei Dobroserdov, CEO of Solar 1.

Avenue Princess Grace is located in Larvotto and is the most expensive street in the world to live on. Promoting solar power in such a setting is smart, because of the association with glamor.

In the first solar boat race that was held this summer, there were a number of events. An endurance test lasting two hours documented how many laps the solar boats could complete in the water. On day 2, there were two races – a slalom and a sprint.

Monaco is also such a beautiful setting that it seems fitting to feature a clean energy event there. Climate change is threatening coastal areas, so we need to transition to clean energy to reduce CO2 emissions to protect them.

Also, burning fossil fuels like coal produces toxic emissions for human and animal health.