America’s foremost home solar power provider, SolarCity, has announced it is expanding into the northern state of Vermont.

SolarCity began taking orders on Monday from residents in Vermont, allowing locals the opportunity to install solar on their homes at no upfront cost, “and pay less for solar electricity than they pay for utility power.” SolarCity is providing Vermontians the option to “go solar” for as little as $30 a month — which includes the design, installation, financing, insurance, and monitoring of the solar installation, and a performance guarantee.

This brings SolarCity’s total number of states where it offers its services up to 19, and those who order now are likely to see installation sometime by the end of summer.

“The Green Mountain State is now the 19th we serve. And we’re delighted—for many reasons—to be part of it,” SolarCity wrote on a blog post praising the state.

Vermont will now begin to help SolarCity move towards a total of 300,000 customers served across the US (it currently sits at 260,000).

SolarCity also recently announced that it would be moving its operations into Mexico, after acquiring one of Mexico’s largest commercial and industrial solar developers, ILIOSS.