Vivint Solar, a national home solar company, will reportedly partner with SolarEdge, one of the leading suppliers of power inverters and power optimizers, to bring leading-edge technology to all Vivint customers coast to coast, according to a recent SolarEdge press release. SolarEdge inverters have an embedded rapid shutdown capability that provides an additional layer of safety for workers and firefighters in accordance with the 2014 National Electric Code, which has been adopted in a number of states.

SolarEdge inverter offers advanced safety and power monitoring capabiitySolarEdge inverters also have an integrated revenue-grade metering function that will give Vivint Solar customers full access to the level of data accuracy required to collect performance-based financial incentives without the need for additional components. In other words, it keeps accurate track of system performance to make sure homeowners qualify for the best possible rate from the local utility company whether they are buying power from the grid or selling power back to the grid.

Many people think all that’s necessary to install a solar power system at home is to put a few solar panel on the roof and then sit back and enjoy free electricity. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work quite that way. The electricity we use in our homes is in the form of alternating current (AC). The electricity produced by solar panels is in the form of direct current (DC). The two do not work together. An inverter is needed in the system to convert DC to AC so it can be used in the home.

The SolarEdge inverter operates at 97% efficiency, which means only 3% of the electricity made by the solar panels is lost during the conversion process. Many other inverters on the market are only 90–92% efficient. With those devices, almost 10% of the power generated by the home solar system is wasted. SolarEdge inverters can work with either single-phase of three-phase electrical power.

“SolarEdge has established itself as a key inverter supplier to Vivint Solar,” said Jan Newman, Vice President of Business Development for Vivint Solar. “This collaboration enables Vivint Solar to continue to provide our customers with advanced technology while also improving the financials of PV to accelerate adoption across the country.”

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