Southern California Edison has launched a Request for Offers in an attempt to acquire 100 MW of renewable energy capacity.

The largest subsidiary of Edison International and one of the primary electricity supply companies for much of Southern California, Southern California Edison (SCE) launched its Request for Offers (RFO) on Monday, seeking “renewable energy, capacity, and load reduction from new preferred resources.”

This is the second RFO launched by SCE to support its Preferred Resources Pilot (PRP) program in central and southern Orange County.

“Now in its second full year, this pilot is a real-world test where SCE is exploring how cleaner-energy resources can help maintain or improve electric service reliability in a densely populated area,” said Caroline McAndrews, director of SCE’s Preferred Resources Pilot. “This second RFO helps us prepare for the future and keeps us moving forward in obtaining the cleaner resources needed for this innovative project.”

Specifically, SCE is looking for “renewable distributed generation, demand response, energy storage, and renewable generation paired with energy storage.”