Southern Company Acquires Controlling Interest In 300 MW Desert Stateline Solar Project

Southern Power announced Wednesday that it had acquired controlling interest in the 300 MW Desert Stateline solar project in California.

The news comes less than a week after Southern Power, a subsidiary of Southern Company, took controlling interest from Canadian Solar in the 200 MW Tranquillity Solar Power Project.

Southern Power now takes controlling interest in one of its existing largest solar assets. The 300 MW Desert Stateline Facility in California is being developed by First Solar and represents the fourth shared acquisition between the two companies. In addition to operating the facility upon completion, First Solar will also retain the remaining interest in the project alongside Southern Company.

“The acquisition of our system’s largest solar facility builds on our proven reputation as a national renewable energy leader,” said Southern Company Chairman, President and CEO Thomas A. Fanning. “By continuing to leverage Southern Company’s and First Solar’s complementary strengths, we are accelerating the development of solar as an important component of a diverse fuel mix now and in the future.”

Completion of the project will take place in phases, working on from the initiation of construction in October, 2014. When finished, the completed project — located on 1,685 acres of federally managed public land in San Bernardino County — will be made up of approximately 3.2 million thin-film photovoltaic solar modules provided by First Solar, and is expected to generate electricity for the equivalent of nearly 100,000 average households.

“Desert Stateline is an exciting addition to the series of projects on which we’ve partnered with Southern Power,” said First Solar CEO Jim Hughes. “Our strategic relationship capitalizes on each company’s core competencies, as well as the synergies obtainable though informed, enlightened collaboration. We are actively discussing ways to continue and broaden this relationship. This facility and other similar facilities allow leading energy companies to place First Solar’s advanced thin film PV technology at the heart of utility scale generation facilities, enabling power providers to include competitive, reliable renewable energy in their portfolios.”

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