Lately, First Solar has been hitting the headlines for taking on massive solar projects all over the world. But one of the newest headlines has many in bewilderment — Jim Brown, First Solar’s executive vice president of global business, has left First Solar by mutual agreement.

There were no hints of any ongoing talks, and the details are rather sketchy. Here is the SEC filing issued April 3, which you can see is very vague.

From what we know, Brown became vice president in 2008, overseeing project finance, and was later appointed in January 2012 as executive vice president of global business (when the company restructured operations and combined its Components Business Group and its Utility Systems Business Group).

Before coming on board at First Solar, Brown worked in banking for approximately 20 years overseeing project and structure finance in the industrial and energy sectors.

Brown’s abrupt withdraw from First Solar came only a day before First Solar’s planned analyst event to discuss 2013 guidance.