The cost of installing solar panels on your home has never been lower, but the upfront costs can still be daunting for some homeowners. To help get more homeowners on board with solar panels, SunEdison has launched the Energy Saver Plan in the United Kingdom, with zero upfront cost and energy savings of up to 15% right off the bat.

Commercial business owners can also apply to the program, which can instantly translate into additional profits. The program requires homeowners to give SunEdison access to their roof. SunEdison will take care of the installation, maintain, and insure the system, with the homeowners getting predictable annual rate increases of 3.5% for the next 20 years. Considering how many regular utilities in the US are jacking up their rates to the tune of 5% or more, this offer for citizens in the UK would offer a lot more stability than most of us are used to. Just another step towards world domination for SunEdison.

Mark Babcock, Vice President of SunEdison Residential and Small Commercial Europe, said:”The new SunEdison Energy Saver Plan represents a step-change that revolutionizes access to solar for UK homeowners. To simplify the process of going solar, we’ve removed the biggest barrier – the upfront purchase cost. This means that from day one, customers can save money. We anticipate high demand for this no cost way to save money immediately. We believe everyone should have access to solar energy and we are paving the way for this to happen.”

Solar leasing programs are particularly popular in sunny southwestern US states, where utilities are attempting to pin heavy surcharges on homes with new solar panel installations. The costs of solar are coming down so fast though that buying a system outright is increasingly an option for many people. SunEds

For those who can’t fully commit though, the Energy Saver Plan from SunEdison is a way to go green and save money, like, right now. If you live in the UK, that is.