It comes at a weird time in Australia’s renewable energy market, but leading solar panel manufacturer SunPower has launched a new pilot leasing program set to provide customers in Melbourne, Australia, with SunPower solar systems.

SunPower Choice will provide Melbournians the opportunity to finance a solar system for no money down, “providing reliable, clean electricity at a predetermined and cost-competitive monthly rate for 25 years.”

“SunPower reinforces its commitment to the Australian market with SunPower Choice, a financing option designed to help more homeowners save on electricity with SunPower solar panels, the most efficient on the market today,” said Tom Werner, president and CEO of SunPower.

“When combined with SunPower’s unrivaled energy assurance, SunPower Choice delivers the savings and reliable, emissions-free energy our customers expect from us, for no money down and at rates that beat traditional electricity prices.”

solar leasing Melbourne
Image Credit: SunPower

Solar leasing has seen tremendous success over the past few years, providing consumers the world over with affordable solar installations that legitimately compete with existing traditional methods. Given Australia’s stereotypical-sunny conditions, it seems a likely fit. However, Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s push to scrap the country’s Renewable Energy Target will seriously impact all renewable energy industries and their future investment opportunities — including solar leasing.

Late July a new Australian start-up called Kudos Energy decreed that the Australian market for rooftop solar leasing could reach $100 billion — a figure that most likely ignored the fluctuating political and investment landscape.

The likelihood that such a pilot program will manage to push through¬†the current renewable energy climate in Australia is low, however with SunPower’s $250 million partnership with Google, anything is possible.