Sunrun has announced a new certified program to advance its network and business model. With the certificate partnership program, partners will receive help with training, technology, and products necessary to advance their businesses.

Sunrun is different compared to other installers, including SolarCity and Vivint. It uses a network of partner installers and manufacturers to grow its own business, while assisting its network partners to expand theirs.

Vice President Matthew Woods said Sunrun’s partners are a critical part of its business, especially when extending into different areas of the US.

The Sunrun Partner Program will have different levels of performance metrics. Partners will have access to Sunrun BrightPath, a software program, sales training, and marketing support.

Currently, 35 companies are in the program. These companies range from sales only, to companies that install and sell residential solar, to Engineering Procurement and Development (EPC) companies.

“Being a part of the Sunrun Partner Program has provided me with the support I need for my marketing and sales teams to be successful in the field,” said Rising Sun Solar Brad Albert, a member of Sunrun’s Partner Program.

“The dedicated support staff is always there for me, and the marketing resources has been a huge time-saver. I have ownership over my own company, but I have the support of Sunrun’s reputation and network when I need it,” he said.

One can look at this recent move as part of Sunrun’s plan of reaching 100% growth 2015. Around 67% of its consumers come from its affiliated associates. In 2013, Sunrun saw a 60% increase in installations compared to 2012, while installing 792 MW.

Leveraging those partners, which make up most of Sunrun’s customers, will be critical for its future success. Without a solid partnership program, as mentioned in this post, Sunrun would likely face a harder challenge in reaching its 100% 2015 growth rate target.