Following its original venture into South Carolina in June, Sunrun has announced this month that it is now also offering solar leasing to South Carolinians.

Sunrun announced back in June that it had moved in to South Carolina, making the state the 15th that the residential solar company was servicing. As one of the largest rooftop solar power companies in the US, Sunrun continues to make inroads throughout the country, and it has followed this drive up by now offering its solar leasing option, known as BrightSave, to South Carolina residents.

Residents of South Carolina had already been able to purchase solar systems for their homes with Sunrun’s BrightBuy, and finance their purchases through Sunrun’s own BrightAdvantage, but the introduction of BrightSave will open up Sunrun’s offerings to a whole new range of households.

BrightSave is Sunrun’s own “Pay as you go” service, which offers customers “the option to go solar through a lease or [Power Purchase Agreement].” Sunrun would own and monitor the system, leaving the homeowner nothing to do but pay the lower price for the power it produces (compared to electricity from the grid).

“By removing the upfront cost of going solar with our BrightSave lease, we hope to make solar even more accessible for homeowners in South Carolina and beyond, so they can focus on putting savings back in their pockets each month,” said Andrew Pontti, Sunrun’s Corporate Communications Manager, in the company’s press release.