Rooftop solar is great, but it’s not ideal for every home or business. Sometimes the roof faces the wrong way or has the wrong slant. Sometimes the roof is just too small and the owner wants to add more solar panels to cover more electricity usage. Swedish Solar of Orlando, Florida, has a solution.

Inspired by the popular Bermuda shutters, founder Olof Tenghoff and his team of engineers have created custom-fabricated aluminum and stainless steel frames that hold up to 4 solar panels. The frames are easily mounted to the outside of any building. Instead of spending money on typical Bermuda shutters, homeowners can spend that cash (and a bit more) on shutters that generate electricity, saving money that would have gone to energy bills.

Whether Swedish Solar’s product genuinely ends up saving customers money is something each customer has to calculate (or try to calculate) for their own unique circumstances. Either way, though, this product offers an option for people who have maxed out their roof space or don’t want to put solar panels on their roof for some reason.

Swedish Solar’s awning-type installations can hold one to four of the company’s specialized PV panels, which come in two sizes. The installation hides all wiring and controls within the frame for a clean, uncluttered look (see above).

The Swedish Solar system has several additional advantages. The frames are motorized and can be controlled from a remote digital device like a smartphone. The angle can be adjusted to maximize solar power output or set to act as a passive solar device keeping unwanted sunlight and heat out of the interior of a building. When fully closed, the panels perform as storm barriers during inclement weather and protect the occupants from prying eyes — just as Bermuda shutters do.

Many homes in Florida and other sunny locations like Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and southern California have Spanish tile roofs. Conventional solar panels often ruin the look of such roofs (well, that’s a subjective matter, but it’s a widely held opinion) and installing a solar panel system over the tiles may void the warranty. Swedish Solar systems are installed on the exterior walls of a building, giving homeowners with Spanish tile roofs the opportunity to take advantage of clean, renewable, solar power while beautifying the home.

Swedish Solar from Perfect Sky Productions on Vimeo.

Swedish Solar panels are unique — no other company offers a similar product at this time, according to the company. Full details are available on the Swedish Solar website. The company can also recommend an approved installer in your area. Be sure to watch the informative video above to learn more.

As one final note, the founder of Swedish Solar is a longtime CleanTechnica reader and Tesla Model S owner. That must earn him and some bonus points, right?