Toyota is about to move into its new 2.1 million square foot North American headquarters in Plano, Texas. It engaged Priority Power Management, a Texas-based independent energy management and consulting services firm, to help it plan how to use almost entirely renewable power for the electrical needs of the new headquarters.

“Throughout the competitive procurement process, we challenged the conventional thinking of potential suppliers in many ways to achieve Toyota’s goals. In the end, we were successful in this endeavor and are honored to have represented such an innovative company like Toyota.”

Toyota requested a comprehensive energy supply purchasing strategy that would combine on-site renewable electric supply, off-site renewable electric supply, alternative fuel supply, and standard electric supply. Working closely with the Toyota team and its engineers, PPM analyzed various potential retail electric product structures based on Toyota’s energy usage forecasts for its offices, data center, and light industrial facilities located within the headquarters building.

The final result is an innovative, highly flexible electricity supply contract with MP2 Energy. The 5 year deal allows Toyota the operational flexibility to ramp up energy consumption over time. It also anticipates the introduction of a 7.75 MW solar photovoltaic system. MP2 will pay Toyota a fixed price for any excess energy fed back into the grid.

“This was an extremely complex engagement given the size and multi-use functional areas of the campus, not to mention the integration of the solar PV system,” said John Bick, managing principal for PPM.

MP2 Energy provides 1,100 MW of electricity capacity to commercial and industrial customers in Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. The company integrates plant development, plant management, demand response, and retail electric supply to its customers. It handles all other aspects of power markets, such as asset management, commodity hedging, solar installation and offtake, wind and distributed generation, and solar retail products for residential customers in Texas.