Suntech was the world leader in solar module sales for awhile. It ran into a few bumps, and in the harsh, highly competitive solar module market of today, that led to its recent collapse and bankruptcy. However, clearly, the company still has a lot of assets and value (even if they’re hidden under a thick layer of dust). Will a healthy individual or two come along to pick up the pieces and build the company up again (or at least make a profit off of its remaining assets)? We’ll see. One such individual could potentially be the high-rolling investor Warren Buffet.

Rumors have been circulating that Buffet may indeed be in the mood for a Suntech purchase. However, there’s nothing official out there yet, not even a statement from Buffet or his MidAmerican Energy Holdings¬†representatives. So,… it’s all just rumors for now.

We’ll see what comes of this, and will keep you updated. However, my guess is that not much will come of it.