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Power and Light: Natural and Efficient Methods

Unless you’re a fan of being kept in the dark, you need to understand how to use lighting for your daily activities. This can come through either natural or technological means. But for ecologically friendly people, nature-based and efficient methods are going to be the best. In those two circumstances converge on many different lighting […]

September 18th

Should You Have Invested in Solar Companies?

Solar power has surged around the world in the past decade as the cost of solar cells and solar panels has fallen. The US Department of Energy SunShot Initiative aims to see the cost of installed solar drop to $1.00 per kWh by 2020. That’s a 75% reduction from prices in 2010. Climate scientists warn […]

March 27th

Solar & The Grid

By Casey Moothart Many people (including myself) have probably wondered something like the following: with solar panels becoming so cheap, why can’t we all put panels on our roofs and go 100% renewable? The obvious answer is that nobody would have any electricity at nighttime. But the issues involving the integration of photovoltaic solar into […]

April 12th

Grid Storage Will Transform the World of Renewables

Renewable energy is on the brink of becoming the most sought after power source in history. And why not? Sunshine and wind are free. Once the systems are in place to capture their energy and convert it into electricity, there are no “fuel costs” needed to make more electricity in the future. Add in the […]

March 20th

Is UK Solar Dying Due To Nuclear Subsidies?

Is the UK solar industry dying due to the ramping up of nuclear subsidies in the country? Finally giving the green light to the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station, the UK Government has ended months of uncertainty surrounding this controversial new project.

October 14th

Solar Leaders In Universities, In The Air, & In The Solar Industry

A society-wide transition to clean energy requires action on many levels. Private consumers, commercial-level consumers, institutions, and government need to aid the transition. Additionally, of course, the production side of the industry has to continually advance the technologies and improve their competitiveness. An exciting story out of California combined with a worldwide journey above the clouds […]

June 17th