Panasonic recently announced the launch of its high-efficiency N285 solar module into the European market, with an official presentation at the currently ongoing Ecobuild show in London (March 3–5, stand S4154).

The announcement of the release of the “industry-leading” product from Panasonic Electric Works Europe isn’t in any way surprising, as the N285 solar module features a reduced length designed specifically for the European residential + commercial rooftop markets.

Following the fair success of Panasonic’s HIT N240 and N245 products, this new integration of HIT (heterojunction with intrinsic thin layer) technology into a shorter panel design makes a fair amount of sense — allowing for the installation of an additional module row on most small or mid-sized rooftops, potentially allowing for increased total system output as a result.

A recent press release provides more:

The N285 is optimally suited to the thriving UK market and the country’s 4 KWp residential feed-in tariff (FiT). Based on the rooftop space required by the average UK residential solar PV system of 3 kWp, a comparable N285-based array will have an installed capacity of 3.99 KWp, thus aligning with the FiT requirements and maximizing the energy and earnings generated for the typical UK homeowner.

“The N285 represents the latest manufacturing achievement of our bourgeoning solar division,” stated Daniel Roca, UK country manager at Panasonic Eco Solutions Europe. “Having thoroughly analyzed the parametres of Europe’s residential and commercial rooftop market, the N285 has been designed to provide an optimum solution for both sectors. By incorporating our industry-leading HIT technology into this new design, we’ve launched a product that can help tap the massive potential of Europe’s residential and compact-roof commercial PV markets.”

With the UK rooftop solar market looking set to continue its recent strong growth, the release looks likely to pay dividends for the company.