Those in North Carolina interested in dealing with a nationally recognized brand when going solar now (finally) have that option, thanks to the recent announcement that Sungevity is entering the market there.

The move represents the first time that a large, nationally recognized residential solar energy provider will operate in the coastal state. The move is also notable for the fact that North Carolina law actually requires homeowners to own the source of renewable energy that’s on their property — thus precluding the solar lease option that Sungevity is perhaps best known for.


As a result of this, Sungevity is launching a new, created-specifically-for-North-Carolina solution to offer potential customers in the state.

A recent email sent to Solar Love explains the specifics:

In order to equip North Carolina residents with the ease and affordability of the Sungevity solar experience, the company partnered with leading solar energy investment platform Mosaic to create a loan product specifically designed for state residents. The 20-year loan is structured to help residents take advantage of both the 35% state income tax credit and the 30% federal renewable tax credit for solar customers. The entire process is facilitated via Sungevity’s online platform, where North Carolina homeowners can access estimated energy savings specific to their homes via the company’s proprietary iQuote technology.


“Sungevity has always focused on making the solar experience simple and satisfying for our customers. That’s why we crafted a solution that allows North Carolina homeowners to experience the benefits of solar without the hassle or a high upfront payment,” explained Andrew Birch, Sungevity’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO). “Sungevity is proud to serve North Carolina as we continue to expand across the country to give more people a better choice in how they power their homes.”

Owing to Sungevity’s partnership with home improvement mammoth Lowe’s, some of Sungevity’s offerings will be available via the company’s retail stores throughout Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill.

With the entry into the North Carolinian market, Sungevity now operates in 12 states + the District of Colombia. The company also operates internationally in the Netherlands, and in Australia.

Image Credit: Sungevity