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  • Solar + Storage Already Cheaper Than Grid In Australia, Says LG Chem

    LG Chem, the South Korean battery storage maker that has so far claimed the biggest share of the nascent Australian market, says that solar and battery storage is already beating grid power in most states.

  • 3 Ways Donald Trump’s Climate Approach Is A US Economic Disaster

    Originally published on CleanTechnica by Zachary Shahan To be fair, we don’t yet know what Donald Trump’s precise climate approach will be, but it seems all but guaranteed that he will slow and obstruct climate action and will do a “great deal” to increase pollution and CO2 emissions from the out-of-date oil, coal, and gas industries. This is idiotic not […]

  • LG Chem 3 Megawatt Grid Storage System For Ohio

    LG Chem 3 Megawatt Grid Storage System For Ohio

    Working with S&C Electric, LG Chem is installing one of the largest grid storage systems in the US near the town of Mninster, Ohio.

  • Battery Storage Milestone In Texas

    Battery Storage Milestone In Texas

    Younicos battery storage system will be state’s first integrated grid-scale solar storage asset. The news ledger about solar electricity storage continues expanding following an announcement from Berlin-based Younicos on its agreement with solar power supplier OCI Solar Power to provide a turnkey battery storage system at one of OCI Solar Power’s projects in Texas. According […]