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Solar Leaders In Universities, In The Air, & In The Solar Industry

A society-wide transition to clean energy requires action on many levels. Private consumers, commercial-level consumers, institutions, and government need to aid the transition. Additionally, of course, the production side of the industry has to continually advance the technologies and improve their competitiveness. An exciting story out of California combined with a worldwide journey above the clouds […]

June 17th

SunPower & EnerNOC Sign 3-Year Software Agreement

Two solar concerns, SunPower and EnerNOC, have announced a 3-year agreement to exclusively offer each other’s respective products to their customer portfolios. The energy intelligence software products being offered might provide customers with tools to better manage electricity supply and demand. Boston-based EnerNOC, a producer of energy intelligence software, along with solar cell innovator SunPower, will offer solar solutions […]

July 15th

Pioneering Solar Technologies (INFOGRAPHIC)

In 1839, the photovoltaic reaction was first observed. Since then, mankind has harnessed the power of the sun in many different ways. From powering everyday devices like wrist watches (1968) and calculators (1978) to sending orbiting satellites (1962) and spaceships (1967) through the cosmos. What is exciting is that we are only at the early […]

January 14th

Solar Energy & Solar Power Facts

Need some solar energy facts or solar power facts? This page is aimed at becoming the best go-to source on the web for solar facts… if it isn’t already. The solar facts below are succinct and organized by categories and subcategories. To help improve the page, please feel free to add any solar facts you […]

June 29th

Solar Impulse

Who doesn’t love a solar-powered plane? The Solar Impulse solar-powered plane may seem like a toy more than a transportation vehicle at the moment, but it wasn’t long ago that the plane itself was in such a stage. Electric vehicle technology is advancing quickly, as is solar technology. My guess is that solar-powered planes will […]

April 24th