Tag: Net Metering

Published: March 18, 2017
Google's new Project Sunroof tool says 80% of all rooftops in the US are good candidates for rooftop solar systems.
Published: December 23, 2016
Arizona has voted to eliminate net metering for residential solar customers. Here's why the change won't matter.
Published: November 14, 2016
Rocky Mountain Power in Utah is asking the PUC to slash the money it pays rooftop solar customers from 14
Published: August 13, 2016
Solar power advocates scored two small but important victories last week in rulings by regulators in Arizona and New Mexico.
Published: August 13, 2016
During the Q2 earnings call for SolarCity, Elon Musk and Peter Rive signaled a truce in the war between solar
Published: July 31, 2016
The struggle in Maine between local utilities, solar power owners and politicians is a microcosm of what is happening in
Published: July 15, 2016
Florida utilities are spending big to pass a constitutional change that would virtually eliminate rooftop solar within the state.
Published: October 31, 2015