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Is Solar Leasing Your Worst Option For Going Solar?

Yesterday, I wrote an article about EnergySage’s new Instant Solar Estimate tool. The tool uses proprietary market price data and “the industry’s leading tools and databases” to deliver pretty awesome solar cost and solar savings reports. One thing it does that I haven’t seen elsewhere is that it compares the financial benefit of going solar through […]

February 9th

Crowdfinancing Solar Loans In Connecticut — 21st Century, We’re Hear!

Mosaic (formerly “Solar Mosaic”) has taken another step towards facilitation of a crowdfinanced rooftop revolution. In coordination with the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority (“Connecticut’s green bank”) and Sungage Financial, (“a platform that enables homeowners to efficiently apply, qualify, and contract for solar financing”), Mosaic is enabling up to $5 million of crowdsourced solar loans. However, all the credit […]

February 7th

Solar Energy & Solar Power Facts

Need some solar energy facts or solar power facts? This page is aimed at becoming the best go-to source on the web for solar facts… if it isn’t already. The solar facts below are succinct and organized by categories and subcategories. To help improve the page, please feel free to add any solar facts you […]

June 29th

Is It Time To Change The Way We Pursue Solar?

Current techniques such as tax rebates do appear to have stimulated the solar industry. However, the urgency of climate change, as well as widespread carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide pollution, require the quickest solution possible. There are various ways in which solar system development can be stimulated more quickly. One policy idea of mine is […]

March 29th