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US Governors Call On Donald Trump To Back Wind & Solar

Originally published on CleanTechnica by Joshua S Hill A group of governors from across the United States and from both sides of the political divide have penned an open letter to Donald Trump calling on the newly-elected President to support the development of solar and wind energy. The open letter was penned by the Governors’ […]

February 16th

What If…Your Electric Utility Was A Benefit Corporation?

Originally published at ilsr.org. This article was originally written by former ILSR Research Associate, Matt Grimley. The misunderstandings that from time to time occur between communities and the managers of electric-lighting companies will, to my mind, disappear entirely if the relations between the two are correctly founded on the basis of public control, with corresponding […]

February 16th

Appalachia Can’t Shift From Coal To Clean Easily

Originally published on CleanTechnica by Michael Barnard The Appalachia region of the USA was a key factor in the recent US election. The people there have become the defining puzzle of US politics, with the most recommended book right now on the left and right being Hillbilly Elegy by JD Vance. That book does an […]

February 14th

3 Ways Donald Trump’s Climate Approach Is A US Economic Disaster

Originally published on CleanTechnica by Zachary Shahan To be fair, we don’t yet know what Donald Trump’s precise climate approach will be, but it seems all but guaranteed that he will slow and obstruct climate action and will do a “great deal” to increase pollution and CO2 emissions from the out-of-date oil, coal, and gas industries. This is idiotic not […]

February 12th