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  • Toyota N. American Headquarters Features Renewable Energy

    Toyota’s new North American headquarters in Plano, Texas will be almost 100% self powered using renewable power from solar panels. It will excess energy to the utility company.

  • Perovskite Solar Cells Rule, Clean Power Plan Lawsuits Drool

    Perovskite Solar Cells Rule, Clean Power Plan Lawsuits Drool

    We were just talking about the accelerated pace of R&D for perovskite solar cells, and along comes the University of California, Los Angeles, with another contribution to the perovskite pot. Put that in the context of the lawsuits sprouting up against President Obama’s new Clean Power Plan, and you have yet another instance of the […]

  • Another 162 MW Of Solar Approved For Austin, Texas

    Austin, Texas just might become the most solar powered city in America. About two weeks ago, it approved the development of a new round of 288 MW of solar power projects. Even more recently, it approved an additional 162 MW, bringing the total to 450 MW, and that is just for new projects. If these new projects are […]

  • Nearly One Million Could Learn From Community Solar Projects

    Clean Energy Collective has signed an agreement with First Solar to use its solar power technology for a number of CEC community solar projects. Colorado-based CEC specializes in community-based solar. Arizona-based First Solar provides community solar solutions — among others such as utility-scale — and has 10 GW of solar technology installed around the world. “Roofless solar allows the greatest […]

  • Lennar Launches Austin Community With Solar As Standard Feature

    In what’s being referred to as the first “community-wide, ground-up residential solar program in Texas,” Lennar is collaborating with SunStreet Energy Group on a community in Austin, Texas, which includes rooftop solar as a standard feature. The Colorado Crossing development, located in southeast Austin, will eventually encompass more than 500 homes, each with a home […]

  • Battery Storage Milestone In Texas

    Battery Storage Milestone In Texas

    Younicos battery storage system will be state’s first integrated grid-scale solar storage asset. The news ledger about solar electricity storage continues expanding following an announcement from Berlin-based Younicos on its agreement with solar power supplier OCI Solar Power to provide a turnkey battery storage system at one of OCI Solar Power’s projects in Texas. According […]

  • San Antonio Utility Promotes New Rooftop Solar Model

    Rooftop solar is great, in theory. Instead of letting sunlight that is hitting our roofs do nothing more than heat up our shingles, a rooftop solar system can take that same solar energy and use it to generate electricity. 20 years ago, solar panels were prohibitively expensive, but new technology and manufacturing techniques soon slashed […]

  • Texas CPS Energy Installing Free Solar Rooftop Panels

    Currently working on contracting with a third party to install solar panels, free of charge to its customers, CPS Energy is gearing up for its new “Rent the Roof” solar program in San Antonio, Texas. The pilot program, set to launch in mid-2015, is still in the request-for-proposals (RFP) phase, evaluating contractor proposals for installing […]

  • Texas Advanced Energy Going Big: 10 GW Solar by 2029

    Secure, clean, and affordable energy is driving the US economy toward a more prosperous future. Solar and wind power generation are making significant contributions to this rising prosperity. And in Texas, where everything is bigger, this is true in a very big way. Solar and wind projects on the ground and in the Texas pipelines […]

  • Solar Industry Growing Fast In 7 US States

    We might expect to hear that the solar power industry is doing well in California and it is, but the latest news is that it is growing fast in other states as well. North Carolina, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Texas, Georgia, and Florida are all experiencing their own big increases in solar power. This is […]