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410 GWh Solar Electricity Purchases By Endesa In Spain

Originally published on Sustainnovate. The Spanish utility company Endesa purchased 410 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of solar electricity during a recent solar energy auction for Portugal and Spain, according to recent reports. The solar auction in question ended with a price of €39.6/MWh/megawatt-hour ($43.82). The aforementioned 410 GWh of solar electricity equates to roughly 681 megawatts (MW) […]

March 21st

Iberdrola Partners With Yingli On Turnkey Solar PV Solution In Spain

Yingli Green Energy (aka Yingli Solar) has signed an agreement with Iberdrola to add a fresh new product for the Spanish solar market. “Smart Solar Iberdrola,” the turnkey solar PV solution, offers a combination of solar panels (through Yingli) for energy generation and batteries for backup, allowing consumers in Spain to consume all of the electricity they generate. […]

February 7th

New Solar Policies In Spain Spark PV Industry IRE

Called a self-consumption decree in Spain, this new solar policy targeting solar PV electricity states that installations up to 100 kW provide electricity to the grid as a gift, receiving no compensation in return, and only a tax bill. The only entities spared from this policy are smaller systems up to 10 kW, or plants […]

October 13th

Spain’s Citizen Petition: Don’t Tax the Sun! ¡NO al impuesto al SOL!

Originally published on In a great show of unified civil disapproval of Spain’s recently proposed “solar tax” law, over 188,000 citizens have signed an online petition against it in less than one week. Penalizing grid-connected solar installations of up to 15kW using battery storage systems, Spain’s new solar tax would be from €8.9 (US$10) […]

July 2nd

Spain Retroactive Feed-in Tariff Cut Challenges To Be Heard By Supreme Court

The Supreme Court in Spain — the Tribunal Supremo — has reportedly invited the Unión Española Fotovoltaica (UNEF) to a meeting to discuss the organization’s recent legal challenge to the country’s decision to retroactively cut solar subsidies. The move suggests that UNEF may soon be getting its day in court, and that the rather unpopular […]

October 31st

IEA Solar Report Provides Wealth of Information (14 Charts)

The newest edition of the Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme report was recently released by the IEA — detailing a huge quantity of different aspects of the global solar PV market as well as country- and region-specific solar PV markets. This 19th edition of the report provides a number of highly interesting/useful graphs, some of which are posted below. Providing […]

October 16th