How Solar PV Works

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Top New York Solar Installers

As a clean energy leader, New York is setting an excellent example for the nation. This is a state seriously committed to the solar revolution and the empowerment of the people through the wide-scale adoption of clean, renewable energy. And, with near-term plans for implementing more than 3,000 MW of solar power, New York solar […]

November 10th

Photons & Solar Panels

We talk plenty today about solar panels, but not many really grasp how they work — how they create electricity. In his book, Let It Shine: The 6,000-Year Story of Solar Energy, author John Perlin takes readers back to Albert Einstein in 1905 for perspective on the matter of light: “Einstein showed that light possesses an attribute […]

November 10th

12 Solar Facts You Should Know

Lists are always fun, so here are 12 solar facts to put in your notebook so you can share the important stuff with anyone who’s interested. I have divided this list of facts into four categories that might help you to better keep track of things. Understanding Our Sun Solar History Solar Technology Solar Metrics […]

October 8th

Fraunhofer ISE Develops New Solar Reference Cell

The world’s largest solar research institute, Fraunhofer ISE, has designed a new solar reference cell built to improve the quality of cell measurements. Build according to the international standards of the World PV Scale (WPVS), Fraunhofer ISE’s new reference cell will allow test laboratories and cell and module manufacturers to significantly improve the quality of their measurements […]

September 12th

Solar Man’s Solar Wonderland Crowdfunding Campaign Aims For $5,000,000

“Solar Man” is aiming to build education as the cornerstone of his new recreational venture, Solar Wonderland. Solar Wonderland is a “gigafactory” and much more. This gigafactory is for building lightweight carbon fiber solar panels as the Lotus product line expands. Students, children, and others will enjoy a hands-on educational experience in this Energy Amusement Park. […]

October 14th

Intro To Solar Video

Watch this An Intro To Solar video. This brief mico-film from Arizona utility SRP explains solar energy’s tremendous potential. The video highlights the strong future solar can have, especially in the sunniest spots: such as the Southwestern US, including Arizona, California, New Mexico, Nevada, and parts of Texas. California installed in the first quarter of 2014 959 […]

July 7th