Category: Policy Research

Published: February 12, 2017
A new report from the US Department of Energy says there are now twice as many people working to provide
Published: October 6, 2016
The latest poll from Pew Research Center shows 89% of all Americans strongly approve of the use of solar power
Published: June 25, 2016
The Solar For All report encourages utility companies to take a more aggressive role in bringing rooftop and residential solar
Published: July 31, 2015
A report from the University of Georgia says the Clean Power Plan could save Americans money on their electric bills
Published: July 15, 2015
The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative cap and trade program has reduced carbon emission, added $1.3 billion in new economic activity
Published: June 12, 2015
The Solutions Project is a state by state plan for exactly what needs to be done for America to move