Energy Storage

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Report: US Energy Storage Market To Triple In 2018

The capacity of energy storage systems being deployed in the US will roughly triple this year (2018) on the back of rapidly falling costs and state- and local-level support, according to a new report released by GTM Research and the Energy Storage Association trade organization. So, to put that in simpler terms, the report predicts […]

March 10th

The Great Energy Disruption

Originally published on CleanTechnica by George Harvey Nearly 10 months ago, Tony Seba, author of the 2014 book Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation, posted a video on YouTube, “CleanDisruption.” In both, he projected that a nearly complete disruption of the energy business would begin in 2020 and be well underway by 2022, the year he […]

February 14th

Residential Energy Pilot Explores Use Of Storage To Balance Neighborhood Solar Generation

Originally published on CleanTechnica by Kyle Field A new residential energy storage pilot seeks to better understand how batteries installed in homes can be used at the neighborhood level by grid operators to absorb solar power generation excesses during the day and discharge them when needed later in the day. A partnership between battery manufacturer Moixa, […]

February 12th